Treatment phases

Each patient is unique, and as such, we treat each patient based on their individual case. Many patients will benefit from a single phase and some may benefit most from a two-phase treatment.

First Phase (Early Phase)

The first, or early phase of treatment, takes place during the mixed dentition phase. This simply means that the child still has both permanent and baby teeth. During this treatment phase, which usually takes 12-18 months, we correct problems such as overcrowding and functional and skeletal problems with the jaw to encourage a more balanced bite. The treatment may include appliances, such as a removable retainer or braces on existing permanent teeth.

Growth and Guidance Phase

In between the first and second phases, a rest period is observed during which we wait for the remaining permanent teeth to erupt. We will see you during the resting period, usually once every 3-6 months, to monitor your progress. All permanent teeth need NOT be present for treatment to be initiated.

Second Phase

The second phase of treatment begins once most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted. It usually involves a full set of upper and lower braces and completes the bite correction, alignment, and other orthodontic problems, building a beautiful smile to last a lifetime.