Phase 1 treatmeNT

Palatal Slow Expander (PSE):

The purpose of the Palatal Slow Expander (PSE) appliance is to widen the patient’s upper jaw in order to eliminate crossbite in the back teeth, create additional space for resolution of crowding of the teeth, and/or help aid the eruption of the permanent teeth. The appliance is cemented on the two upper (six-year) molars. Our office does a slower pace expansion as we believe in making the patient more comfortable and at ease with their treatment. 

Upper and Lower Removable Expander: 

The purpose of the removable expander is to widened and coordinate the upper and lower arch.  It helps create additional space for the permanent teeth to erupt in the right position and it also protects the teeth from grinding and clenching.


The Twinblock appliance is a growth appliance that promotes the lower jaw growth.  It is essential for patient to wear the appliance 12 hours a day.  It helps correct class II malocclusion, reduce protrusion and promote lower jaw growth.